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About ERM Plumbing INC - Excavation Contractors & Detention Tank Experts

At ERM Plumbing INC, we are not the average plumbing company repairing leaky faucets and blocked toilets. We specialize in underground plumbing services dealing with excess groundwater, landscape drainage, storm sewers and many others. Our excavation contractors have been trained specifically for working with state-of-the-art equipment so they can easly perform excavations when dealing with underground water detention tanks, pipes, etc.

We are certified, experienced, and able to resolve any of your plumbing issues. Our proffesional services include installing, repairing, or replacing catch basin units, dry wells, retention ponds, retention and detention tank and other.

So if you are in an area prone to flooding or excess rainwater, or in a city where having a detention tank is a must, contact us. We can help with that and many other plumbing issues regardless of whether you have residential or commercial property.


List Of Services Our Excavation Contractors Provide

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Underground Storage Tank

Whether you are looking for a replacement, new installation, or repair, ERM Plumbing INC offers first-class underground storage tank services, under any circumstances. Let our professionals keep your stormwater storage tank safe and functional.
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Retention Ponds & Detention Pond

Contact us for professional retention and detention pond Skokie services. Keep your pond clean and functional and avoid erosion problems and blockages. We provide repairs, installations, and replacements.
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Detention Tank

If you're in need of professional detention tank or retention tank Skokie services, our professionals are available to help with installation, replacement, and repair services.
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Dry Wells

If you live in an area prone to stormwater flooding, dry wells are a fantastic solution. We offer installations, repairs, and replacements of dry wells Skokie area. We can help resolve any issue.
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Catch Basin

A catch basin is essential for any property that suffers excess groundwater. We offer catch basin Skokie installation in a variety of sizes and colors. We also provide repair and catch basin replacement services.
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Water Sewer (Storm Sewer & Sanitary Sewer)

We provide exceptional storm sewer and sanitary sewer Skokie installation services. Our excavation contractors are also experienced and skilled in replacement, and repair of these systems. You can count on us.


Interior Plumbing

ERM Plumbing INC also offers expert interior plumbing and professional new construction plumbing services. These include installation, replacement and repair services of the devices listed below and many more. If you are interested in this then don't hesitate and contact us!
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Sump Pump Services

Our professionals are available for sump pump installation, repair, or replacement. Regular maintenance and service will keep your sump pump in prime condition, and prevent costly water damage so you can also call us for this purpose.
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Water Heater Services

We specialize in water heater installation, repair, and replacement. Our professionals are trained and experienced in different water heater types so you don't have to think about which company to call.

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Ejector Pump Services

Our expert professionals can inspect, repair, install and replace various types and brands of the ejector pump. Whatever ejector pump issue you may be having, we can provide a solution. Contact us today.


Our Excavation Contractors Provides Services For:

General Contractors
New Construction
Commercial Properties
People Obligated By Urban Law

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Here You Can Find Pictures Of The Work Done By Our Excavation Contractors

Take a look at our latest landscape drainage projects and installations of retention ponds, dry wells, detention tank, and many more.
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catch basin Skokie landscape drainage
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Discover Where Our Excavation Contractors Perform Services

Most Frequently Asked Questions Excavation Contractors Get

How To Prepare for a Visit of Excavation Contractors?

If you have hired excavations contractors and want to prepare for their work, try to ensure the area is accessible. If you cannot do this yourself, let the construction workers know in advance if there will be any issues they will have to deal with.

Why Do I Need a Detention Tank?

A detention tank will temporarily store water on your property and then release it gradually over a period of time will reduce peak outflows and the risk of local flooding and erosion in local streams. For a professional detention tank Skokie installation, contact us today.


Read What Customers Say About Our Detention Tank Installations And Other Services

The workers from your company did an excellent job when they replaced our sanitary sewer line. I was truly impressed with how carefully and professionally they carried out the work.

Robert A. Dye

I have already recommended your excavation company to several friends and family. My husband and I are highly impressed with the professionalism, skill, and efficiency of your workers. A fantastic job!

Clara S. McCain

The detention tank that this company installed for me has worked wonders, no longer do I have to try and swim across my yard with all the excess water!

Thomas B. Gomez

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ERM Plumbing INC is an excavation company specializing in the installation of detention ponds, detention tank units, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers. Our excavation contractors are highly trained and experienced and can help you with whatever plumbing service you need.

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