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About Underground Storage Tank Services Skokie

If you are looking for professional underground tank installation you’ve come to the right specialists. ERM Plumbing offers complete stormwater storage tank installation, replacement, and repair services that will ensure your underground storage tank remains safe and operational for a long time. We have worked with many residential property owners and commercial companies. Our professionals are also certified and trained to the appropriate level and very experienced when it comes to stormwater storage tank removals, installations, and other underground services.

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Two plastic underground storage tanks placed below ground for harvesting a rainwater.

Advantages Of An Underground Water Storage Tank

Emergency Situations

A catch basin, dry wells, and retention ponds in Skokie are underground water storage elements that provide peace of mind if there is ever an emergency. In rural areas, fire suppression tanks are crucial in cases where access to the municipal water supply is limited or non-existent. In case of emergency, fire departments can connect to the underground tank full of water.

Environmental Consideration

In order to harvest rainwater that would just become runoff, underground water storage tanks can be utilized. Through the collection of this water and its use for purposes that are non-potable like greywater and irrigation, environmental impacts are lessened by the ability to use a complimentary water source that would go to waste otherwise.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

As these water storage tanks are installed underground, they will not compromise the curb appeal of landscapes nor will compromise space when installed for large organizations or commercial buildings. It is easy to install underground water storage tanks beneath the ground, providing the peace of mind we all seek.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Underground Storage Tank Skokie Services

Q: What Is An Underground Storage Tank (UST) System?

A: An underground storage tank (UST) system consists of one or more tanks that are connected to the underground pipelines. According to the excavation contractors Skokie customers trust, the system should have at least 10% of its combined volume underground. This system features a tank, underground pipelines, ancillary equipment, and a containment system.

Q: How Long Do Underground Storage Tanks Last?

A: When installed by the reliable excavation contractors Skokie has, underground storage tanks can last 30 to 40 years. Consider that the rate of corrosion and tank damage depends upon the tank type, quality of installation, and the characteristics of the location.

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