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Detention and retention ponds are artificial ponds with vegetation around their perimeter. Their purpose is to hold rain runoff and they help to prevent flooding in susceptible areas. Retention ponds need to be regularly maintained and inspected for any problems. Neglecting this will affect both its function and appearance. Retention ponds that go through periods of time without maintenance can quickly develop erosion problems, clogged outlet structures, and heavy vegetation growing in the forebay or around the inlet. Our professional excavation contractors Skokie area will install your detention pond and have it looking and performing at its best.

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Retention Pond Maintenance

The maintenance of a retention pond is a crucial element of pond failure risk reduction. Routine maintenance is the most cost-effective and ideal manner in which to prevent the failure of ponds and dry wells. Not only does this reduce the risk of regulatory fines and expensive repairs, it also reduces the risk of the flooding of surrounding areas and costly damage to downstream properties that detention pond failure could trigger.

Here at ERM Plumbing INC, we’ll take care of your pond’s undergrowth management. Included in this service is weed control, trimming, and mowing. Our crew of excavation contractors in Skokie will handle every aspect of retention pond maintenance, so you can rest assured this is taken care of.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Retention Ponds

Retention ponds can provide both stormwater attenuation and treatment. They are designed to support emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation along their shoreline. Runoff from each rain event is detained and treated in the pool. Here’s why you may consider a retention pond:


  • Simple addition if space is available.
  • Higher removal of pollutants.
  • Natural water processing without additional equipment.
  • Improved stormwater collection and flood control.
  • Potential for aesthetic or recreational amenities.
  • Potential to serve as a habitat for wildlife, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.


  • Preparation of the job site and building of the retention pond may require several days to complete.
  • Scheduling a specific day and time with the company is required.
  • Drowning hazard.
  • Requires a large land area.
  • Negative impacts on water quality if not properly designed.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Detention Ponds:

The runoff is stored in the pond and slowly released into the stormwater sewer system. The storage-release process reduces the peak runoff volumes and runoff rates. Here’s why you may consider building a detention pond:


  • Generally smaller in size compared to retention ponds, which can result in lower implementation costs.
  • If plot space is limited, a detention pond may be preferable to a retention pond.
  • The vegetative buffer surrounding the detention pond can withstand varying weather conditions.


  • The job site preparation and construction of the retention pond may take several days to complete.
  • Requires a significant amount of space.
  • Does not improve water quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Retention Ponds & Detention Pond Skokie Services

Q: Why Does My Pond Smell?

A: A foul odor coming from the detention pond Skokie homeowners can face has three usual culprits: organic matter going through decomposition, water turnover, or some species of algae.

Q: What Is A Detention Pond?

A: The detention pond Skokie properties often have is a structure that looks like a lake. It is designed to handle the quality and amount of surface water. During storms, dedicated detention ponds help reduce flooding, and catch sediments and other debris coming from roads, parking lots, and lawns.

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