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If you have a problem with excess groundwater, or maybe your yard is prone to flooding after a rainstorm, you should consider installing a dry well. Dry wells are underground structures with porous walls that allow water to move through the wall to transfer excess groundwater to the deeper underground. The perfect solution to help with excess stormwater and yard drainage. Our excavation contractors Skokie area have the experience and skills to make sure your dry wells are properly installed and in perfect shape.

Dry wells are indeed beneficial for the environment and human communities. They effectively manage stormwater runoff before it enters streams and lakes, reducing pollution and erosion. Dry wells are also a valuable water security tool, as during droughts or periods of heavy groundwater use, one dry well can provide enough water for ten households!

ERM Plumbing Inc. – Skokie Area offers excavation services for proper wastewater management through the installation of high-quality drainage structures such as retention ponds, catch basins, landscape drainage systems, and dry wells. Our excavation contractors are trained to transport rainwater and other liquids to local waterways via underground piping. Call us now!

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Dry Wells

Water damage is a common cause of foundation issues, but installing dry wells can help protect your foundation by diverting water away from it.

Advantages Of Dry Wells:

  • A suitable solution for non-metal roofs and metal roofs located outside of Zone IIs or IWPA of public water supply, as well as outside industrial sites.
  • Can potentially reduce the size and cost of downstream BMPs (Best Management Practices) and storm drains.
  • Feasible for both new developments and retrofit areas.
  • Aids in groundwater recharge.

Disadvantages Of Dry Wells:

  • It is necessary to arrange a specific date and time with the company.
  • Only applicable for small drainage areas of one acre or less.
  • Dry wells shouldn’t be placed close to the building.
  • If not maintained properly, dry wells can get clogged.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dry Wells Skokie Services

Q: What Exactly Are Dry Wells?

A: Dry wells are underground constructions that gather residual water and carry it to another space. The structure is surrounded by porous walls that filter the water that passes through as it runs underground.

Q: When Is A Dry Well Needed?

A: If you feel your yard is becoming a lake, you need the best dry wells Skokie market offers. This will drive the water away in a natural way.

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